Monday, 9 May 2011


Tracie Andrews, a former model and barmaid, attacked Lee Harvey in his car after they had stopped following an argument on the way to their flat in  Worcester. Andrews stabbed Harvey over 40 times.

3rd December 1996 Andrews appeared at a Press conference saying Harvey had been the victim of a road rage attack from a man with "staring eyes". She then took a drug overdose the following day but survived.

A West Midlands Police inquiry failed to find witnesses to the incident, and Andrews was arrested on the morning of Saturday 7th December, in Hospital.
She was released on bail after being charged. She continued to maintain her road-rage defence.

29th July 1997 Andrews was found guilty by a jury at Birmingham Crown Court, for the murder of Lee Harvey. She was sentenced to life imprisonment and a 14-year minimum term was recommended, which if served, will leave her behind bars until at least 2011 and at the age of 42.

A subsequent appeal lodged by Andrews, alleging that she was the victim of a miscarriage of justice because of damaging publicity surrounding her case, this was thrown out at a hearing in October 1998.

April 1999 Andrews admitted that she had carried out the crime.

2006 it was reported in the national press that Andrews was hoping to be released from jail within months and planned to marry, but Home Office sources denied that she was due to be released imminently. She was moved from Foston Hall jail in Derbyshire to Send prison near Woking, Surrey.