Monday, 3 October 2011


A convicted murderer who branded himself the 'Angel of Mercy' after butchering two of his neighbours thought other serial killers were 'wimps'.

Andrew Dawson was sentenced to a term of whole-life imprisonment on 20th July 2011, for stabbing defenceless John Matthews and Paul Hancock to death in separate attacks, before leaving their bodies in their bathtubs.

The 48-year-old told police he felt an 'urge to kill' before knocking on the men's doors in the block of flats in Chaddesden, Derby, where they lived, and launching frenzied assaults on them.

Dawson, who has already served one life sentence for a murder he committed in 1981, wrote a rambling note to police confessing to one of the killings which he signed: 'Yours, the Angel of Mercy'.

His brother has called him a 'psycho', claiming it is 'only a matter of time' before he kills a fellow inmate while serving his jail term.

Malcolm Dawson, 51, said: 'They should have left him in there the first time.

'When they said life they should have meant it and kept him in for life. I was best man at his wedding but I would never turn my back on him for a second.

'I know what he is like - he has no conscience. He was always talking about The Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, and all these other murderers, saying they were wimps.

'I think he will take himself out or he will try and do one of the other inmates - he is pure evil, a total psycho.

Murder scene: Dawson savagely attacked John Matthews and Paul Hancock in the block of flats that they shared with him, pictured

The remains of kitchen porter Mr Matthews, 66, were discovered by police officers on 25th July 2010, after he was reported missing by concerned relatives and work colleagues.

Five days later, 58-year-old Mr Hancock, who lived on the floor above Dawson and Mr Matthews in the block of flats, was also found dead.


'to head of homicide
I wAnt to confess to a Murder
I stabbed a man to death
A man lies in a bath of wAteroweverH
2 mAjor wounds to his left side

1 Maybe two too his chest
ONE To his BACK ---- ONE
to his the base of his

This is NO HOAX
IF U Don't find him
In a week I will
Give you his ADDRe(s)(s)

The Pink Rose WAS
nice Touch
(TH)e Angel (OF) MERCY

Both had suffered terrible injuries, with Mr Matthews receiving at least 18 stab wounds to the face, neck and head, and Mr Hancock at least 22, to the head, chest and body.

After killing Mr Matthews, Dawson had carefully cleaned the flat in a bid to remove any evidence linking him to the crime - although he did leave a pink rose at the scene.

But before stabbing his second victim, two weeks later, he donned waterproof clothing and rubber gloves in an attempt to avoid leaving any clues behind.

Nottingham Crown Court heard Dawson had already served a life sentence for another murder, committed in 1981, before being released in 1999.

He denied murdering Mr Matthews and Mr Hancock on the grounds of diminished responsibility - but suddenly changed his plea on the first day of his trial.

He was given a whole-life jail term by judge Mrs Justice Dobbs, who said Dawson's victims had 'done nothing to upset him'.

Dawson was arrested in Whitehaven, Cumbria - more than 200 miles from the scene of the killings, in Chaddesden, Derby. Police officers found him with camping gear, and a number of kitchen knives.

Speaking after the case, Detective Inspector Paul Callum, of Derbys Police, said: 'We are satisfied that Dawson will never be released. He is a very evil individual, and these were planned, and horrific, offences.'