Saturday, 1 October 2011


A 20-year-old man has received a life sentence for shooting dead a teenager in an attack at a south-east London supermarket.

Ashley Bucknor shot 18-year-old Ryan Bravo in the back at Costcutter in Walworth in August 2008
The court heard that Bucknor shot him in retaliation, following an incident that took place earlier in Lambeth.

Bucknor, of no fixed abode, was found guilty of murder at Woolwich Crown Court on 29th September 2009. He must serve at least 32 years.

The court heard that Bucknor and at least one other man pushed past Mr Bravo, his two brothers and a cousin as they entered the supermarket on 6 August 2008.
Mr Bravo, from Brixton, south London, was shot dead at the scene and the men drove away on mopeds.

Police stopped Bucknor later that day and found him carrying a handgun and two motorcycle helmets.

Outside court Det Insp Tim Carter said: "Bucknor was part of a group who went out with firearms that night and targeted two young men as part of retaliation for an incident earlier in the day in Lambeth. "It was still daylight, a warm evening in August in one of the busiest streets in London. They paid no regard to any innocent members of the public." Det Insp Carter said Mr Bravo was from a close-knit family.  "He was no gang member. He was expected to start a university course soon and was generally known as a good lad," he added.

Police have questioned a further eight men and one woman in relation to the incident. All have been released on bail.