Sunday, 11 December 2011


A burglar who stabbed a "kind and caring" man to death at his home in south London has been jailed for life.
Derron Bailey, 19, stabbed 41-year-old Ian Jones in the heart and back at his Catford home on 18 May 2009.
On the 22nd January 2010, Bailey was sentenced to a minimum of 22 years at the Old Bailey for murder and attempted robbery.
 This was a truly violent crime against a man in his own home, a place where he should have felt safe 
Det Ch Insp Amanda Hargreaves
Mr Jones was already in a distressed state after being the victim of another unconnected burglary two days earlier.

Mr Jones' estranged wife Alena said of her husband: "He was a kind and caring man who had no enemies."
Det Ch Insp Amanda Hargreaves said outside court: "Ian Jones was beaten so violently that shoe imprints were left on his body."