Saturday, 3 December 2011


A Polish man has been found guilty of the double murder in Luton of two of his fellow countrymen and was jailed for life on the 12th May 2008

Marek Miazga, 41, was told he would have to serve a minimum of 25 years in custody in this country.

During a month long trial a jury had heard how the victims - the Markuszeski brothers Waldeck, 43 and Andreaus, 46 were 'savagely' murdered in their rented home in Luton. They were bludgeoned with a set of weight lifting bar bells. The motive remains a mystery.

Their bodies lay undiscovered for two days until a housemate and friend made the grisly discovery.

A cash card stolen from one of the brothers was used almost immediately after the killings to plunder his account.

Miazga, pleaded not guilty to two charges of murder on May 30 2005 and to four charges of theft and four of attempted theft. He was found guilty by a jury of all charges by a majority of 11-1.

The prosecution allege a second man, Remi Piotrowski, was involved but he fled to Poland. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Prosecutor Miranda Moore QC told Luton Crown Court that on May 30 2005 - the day of Luton's Bank Holiday carnival, the four men were drinking heavily together. Pictures gathered from various CCTV cameras show Waldeck, Miazga and Piotrowski walking back towards Waldeck's home in Dunsmore Road. Andreaus had become parted from them.

An hour and a half later Miazga and Piotrowski are seen back in the town centre attempting to use Waldeck's bank card, and eventually obtaining some cash.

On June 2n the bodies were found by a housemate who was brought home from hospital by a female friend.

It was discovered that Waldeck had suffered 'particularly severe' injuries to his chest and head with fractures to his skull, breast bone and ribs. The injuries were consistent with being stamped on or attacked with a heavy weapon.

Footprints were found on his body which an expert said came from at least two different shoes.

Andreaus also had severe head injuries: "All areas of his skull and facial bones had been fractured. His head was physically flattened either from heavy stamping or one or more blows from the bar bells."

She said examination of the bar bells revealed it had been used as a weapon and DNA from the absent suspect was found on them, said Miss Moore.

But she said no forensic evidence was found to link Miazga to the crime scene.

Miazga who lived in Leagrave Road at the time, moved within days to Brook Street.

He claimed he never went to the house but was in a drunken stupor in a nearby park, later meeting back up with Piotrowski.

Mr Justice Keith told Miazga that he believed Waldeck was killed first after something flared up between them.

"I believe Andreaus stumbled upon the crime and had to be silenced. They were both subjected to attacks of real savagery."

After the case Mariusz Markuszeski, a brother of the two dead men, who had listened to much of the case said in a statement: "A special thanks to Bedfordshire Police who have painstakingly put all the pieces together. I have never doubted the justice system in Great Britain and I have not been disappointed.

"However no punishment can justify our loss of our dearly loved brothers who are greatly missed."

The Judge also commended the police investigation.

Acting Det Chief Insp Andrew Richer said: "We do not consider the case closed until we have the other defendant tried here for the murders."